Top Wellness Retreats For 2018

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Working for long hours every day in a cold climate like Cleveland can take its toll on your mind. You may feel tired, frustrated, and sometimes drained out if you do not take care of your problems on time. No matter how long you spend at the gym, your head will never get back on track. The best solution to this problem is a long break from your daily lifestyle with your near and dear ones. A long break away from work will certainly help you feel refreshed and recharged to tackle the daily work related problems with confidence. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Some of the Best Wellness Retreats For 2018

There are several places of interest where you can visit to take your minds off the daily emails and calls from your boss. If you are not too keen in taking along your family or you lead a lonely life, there are places where you can take your friends and have a wonderful holiday. Read on to get some ideas about some of the best wellness retreats for the upcoming year from Drench Health and Fitness.

  1. Six Senses Douro Valley, Lamego, Portugal: This is basically a 19th century manor house, which overlooks a flowing river and rolling hills. Located in Portugal, where soccer is considered to be a religion the players the gods, it is an ideal place for you to relax and get rid of stress in a more soothing manner. If you visit the place, do not miss the terrace and the wine library.
  2. Amanbagh, Rajasthan, India: Situated amidst the mighty Aravalli Hills in India, Amanbagh was basically a Mughal inspired location. The place reflects the local culture and the retreat is primarily aimed at preventive medicines inspired from the age old teachings of Ayurveda and the art of anti-aging. The meditation and yoga sessions are to be organized in a temple in an abandoned city. With every passing day, your physical endurance, your senses, and your memory will improve. The meals here are harvested from an organic garden which is around 86,000 square feet in area.
  3. Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, Rancho Santa Fe, California: Here you will find themed retreats lasting for 3 or 5 or even 7 nights. The primary areas for the retreat are movement and fitness, attitude and perspective, nutrition and toxicity, sleep and respite, relationships and connection, as well as, stress and balance. This retreat was made in collaboration with the Lifewellness Institute and has been inspired by the study of how changes in your lifestyle can impact the expressions of your genes. When you visit the place do not miss the large sized open yoga pavilion, which also overlooks pools of calm water.

There are several similar retreats where you can visit to get a much welcome break from your body daily schedules. Even if you speak to a doctor, you will be told that a person should take a minimum of 2 breaks each year. This helps you stay fit both mentally and physically.