Top 3 Turkey Hunting Retreats

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Heartland Lodge Turkey Hunting Resort

Top 3 Turkey Hunting Retreats & Mounting Plaques

Welcome to the world of adventure. Hunting in turkey hunting retreats has been one of the favorite sports of many since the ancient days. Several hunters would part in this activity during spring seasons. With the booming turkey population today, it is amazing that hunters don’t have to travel far in search of fowls.

Create your Memories at Heartland Lodge

Heartland Lodge is known for its long hunting tradition that was started by its founder Gary Harpole. Located in Pike County, Illinois, the lodge has different terrains like crop fields, steep and rolling hills as well as fields with hardwoods. These are most ideal places for hunting. Although the hunting conditions may vary from trivial to overwhelming, the hunting team is always willing to put up with your physical demands and hunting preferences.

This is one of the few turkey hunting retreats with free wandering birds on thousands of acres. In addition, the hunt is one on one with warm, knowledgeable and qualified guides. Making use of an experienced guide saves you years of faults and frustration. Unlike many turkey hunting retreats, Heartland Lodge offers youth turkey season that starts the first weekend of April.

Basically, this is before the spring season begins. Carry on the strong tradition that started many decades ago by making a point of booking a three night, three day hunts package today.

Turkey Hunting at Pilgrim Ranch Retreat

The reserve is a 2960 acres tract located in South Fork of Cottonwood River. Because of its unique quiet beauty and waters, most of the animals and plants abound here. The family owned and operated farm strives to provide rewarding hunting experience. Here is their three-day hunt and four-night lodging (three evening meals) package:

The turkey hunting retreat offers guided assistance as well as vehicles that help you get closer to the sites

  • The cottages have fully outfitted modern kitchens
  • Alcoholic drinks and smoke are restricted in the lodging accommodations
  • Hunters should carry with them an over the counter Resident or Non-resident Turkey permit.

All this goes for as low as $550; pay a deposit of $275 to make a guaranteed reservation.

Pile Hill Plantation

In this spring season, Pile Hill Plantation is offering the best wild turkey hunting in Georgia. The retreat has guides that take you to the best hunting positions and do the bird calling for you upon request. One guide is given to two hunters. Treat yourself to world-class lodging experience after a great day of fowl hunting on one of the South Georgia supreme private turkey hunting retreats.

Guests are advised to get all necessary licenses prior to arrivals. You should also carry with you camouflage clothing, turkey load shotgun shell and shotguns.

The 2-day hunting package ($1750 per person) comes alongside lodging, beverages, harvesting one gobbler, guide and meals.

Displaying Your Turkey

After your great hunting trip and successful bagging of your gobbler you will want to show it off! Most Turkey hunters like to display the beard and tail to boast of their catch. But not just any plaque will do of course. I’m guessing you will want a high quality wood, custom plaque that will match your decor at home. We recommend the turkey tail and beard mounting plaques from Stump Jumper Designs. Not only is he a fellow lover of tracking down the gobblers, but his work is amazing. You can’t go wrong!

Some Turkey Hunting Tips

  • Just like its name suggests, it is very overwhelming to hunt a turkey out in the wild. The fact that a turkey is very intelligent; has great survival skills and powerful eyesight should not be taken for granted. However, you can have your odds working in your favor by using few simple turkey hunting tips.
  • Look for the possible resting location of the turkey during nighttime. This helps you stick around early in the morning before the bird leaves.
  • You can also locate turkeys by determining their food source. Normally during the fall season turkeys eat grasses and insects since there are no berries. So a hunter can locate them with ease.
  • Another helpful tip is learning various types of calls like purrs, yelps and clucks. Turkeys are easily lured by hen calls.
    Be on the lookout for feathers and droppings especially near watering areas. Turkeys usually take water from these points during the day. The droppings of the male bird bear a resemblance to a question mark while those of the female counterpart look a lot like tiny curlicues.
  • Most of above tips can be modified during the rainy season. During such weather conditions, the fowls stay in open areas.


All you require for your turkey hunting experience is offered in all the Turkey hunting resorts listed above. You are going to be amazed by the great offers at reasonable prices. And to give you the best new additional benefits are always made. The turkey hunting retreats are glad to answer your queries and also help you set up the hunting experience. Therefore, it is advisable to make your reservations today.