Getting Ready for Your Summer Vacation

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We all love the idea of being the casual traveller breezing through the airport with one small bag that they carry effortlessly, while everyone else struggles with five suitcases, two laptop bags and a huge bag trolley. Here we will share our top tips for travelling light, and still having everything you need for a fantastic holiday.

  • Forget about taking your own towels –

The place that you’re going will usually supply towels, and this means you don’t have to carry heavy towels with you through multiple airports on your next trip. Towels are so heavy.

  • Count the number of days of your vacation –

So often when packing for a trip, people try to squeeze their whole wardrobe into a few suitcases, so that they will have choices when they arrive at their holiday destination. This generally will not lead to a more relaxing or harmonious holiday. It will just mean that when you get there that you will have more stuff, and will most likely be quite tired from carrying that stuff.

  • Less is more –

Why not travel super light just once. If you don’t like it, you can go back to hauling suitcases.

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