Kayaking one of the activities in a vacation rental Lake Superior

Lake Superior hands down is the biggest of the great lakes in North America. There are many vacation rentals by Lake Superior for families and friends to stay in. It is so big that parts of it are in Ontario Canada.  The surface area of the lake alone is 31,700 square miles and is larger than the combined land areas of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  It contains 10% of the entire world’s fresh surface water supply.

Lake Superior is popular with lighthouse fans, history buffs and waterfall watchers. Lots of hikers and kayakers also enjoy its beautiful view.  If you together with your family are planning to visit the lake soon there are many ways to do it either by car or motorcycle or van. It is the perfect vacation idea for people that cannot get enough of the outdoors.

Fire pit at a vacation rental at Lake Superior

Planning a visit to Lake Superior for the 1st time may be a challenging proposition as the 1,300 Circle Tour is not for everyone. You will need a place to stay for the night like Loon Lodge MN so it is best to make reservations in advance.


Best Time to Go and Book A Vacation Rental Lake Superior

The best time to visit Lake Superior would be in Late May and June when the crowds are at their thinnest.  Downside being the unpredictable weather and the black flies. From the middle of June, attractions at the lake go on overdrive. Do not worry because schools in Canada do not end until the end of June so you can be pretty sure that the crowds are still light.


blueberry picking around a vacation rental near Lake SuperiorThe beginning of blueberry-picking season starts in late July and if you plan to go swimming the best time would be on the south shore in August.  In the fall, the colors are nothing short of magnificent. The peak is the last week of September until the first week of October.

Planning A Vacation Rental Lake Superior

You want to get a hold of Lake Superior magazine’s annual travel guide as it already features a nice map for reference. You can check the map out and determine for yourself how much time you want to spend on the road each day as well as tick off any event you want to catch so you can develop your schedule around that.