Recommended: 5 Hotel And Travel Affiliate Programs For Marketers

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5 Recommended Travel Affiliate ProgramsThe Golden Age of travel blogging is upon us!

Ok, this isn’t exactly true, we’re being purposely pompous here. But still, as people are becoming more and more Internet-literate, they tend to make their holyday decisions based on travel blogs, and that’s where the proper affiliate program plays a crucial role.

The only downside to travel affiliating is that it’s perhaps a bit too competitive. Gaining an edge isn’t all that easy, but hooking up with some of the following hotel & travel affiliate programs may do the trick.

  1. Marriot – Here’s one smart affiliate solution. Signing up with Marriott means that you’ll be promoting a trusted name that boast of having nearly 4000 hotels in 72 different countries. You can earn money by securing the consumed hotel bookings and/or the purchased travel packages. Hotel stays will get you 4% – 6%, while the packages are worth 3% commission.
  2. – If you want something wider in range, we suggest you to go for Every booking counts, and with over 300,000 of them, there’s really no shortage of hotels in their search engine. Commission is 5.5% per consumed book, and the things like Best Price Guarantee and loyalty program (getting a free night after 10 nights booked) are sure to attract the needed attention from the customers.
  3. Hilton – Another hotel chain that hardly needs any introduction. Nearly a century in existence, Hilton made a name for itself, and now you can turn their reputation to your advantage. Literally thousands of properties and hotel rooms across 12 brands are eligible to minimum of 4% commission.
  4. Travelocity – So far we’ve listed affiliate programs that are limited to hotel bookings and vacation packages. Travelocity on the other hand is an all-encompassing travel agency that besides hotels, offers product like airline services, car rentals, and cruises. Some of the commissions are fixed, each airline ticket netting $3 for instance.
  5. Hertz – If you settled on the vehicle rental niche, you really can’t go wrong with Hertz. With the network spreading across 150 countries, Hertz ranks among the largest car rental companies in the world. The potential to share in some of their profit is huge, and each completed sale is commissioned at 3%.

We would like to give special thanks to Anne Fogano for providing this incredible insight and recommendations for our visitors. Anne owns and operates – An Outsourced Program Manager, her company manages programs like the ones listed about.


There’s A Great Retreat For Everybody

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Looking for a fun vacation idea? Have you considered a retreat? Retreats are a great way to meet new people who are interested in the same things as you are. Plus, they are usually held in beautiful, often exotic locations that would be a great vacation experience even without the opportunity to learn, network and enjoy the company of people who are interested in similar things as yourself.

The fact is, there is a retreat for just about every interest. Here are a few retreats that might be right for you.

The Women’s Wisdom Retreat – Women in their 40s and beyond will find this retreat great for finding new ways of looking at themselves as they enter the 2nd half of their life. Whitier you’re looking to reconnect with yourself after a separation or major life change. Many past attendees have found that reengage with nature has helped them gain perspective on their lives.

Add some excitement to your life at the Fire and Ice Iceland Adventure Yoga Trip – This one might not be right everybody but if you’re into yoga and have the budget many people have found that Iceland is an amazing place to explore. If you’re interested in enjoying the Northern Lights for the first time or visiting authentic local villages or just taking in the natural beauty of the island this might be the perfect retreat for you.

Jump start your weight lose at a retreat – Most people might not think of a vacation or a retreat as a great way to lose weight but there are retreats that are specifically designed to help you do so. The great thing about using an experience like this to jump start your weight lose is that you are surrounded by professionals who know how to help you establish new healthy eating and exercise habits.