DJI is, without doubt, a leading manufacturer of quadcopters as well as aerial photography systems. Its Phantom series is now widely considered to be the gold standard in the consumer drone industry. These UAVs can be had for astonishingly reasonable price tags and can be an excellent means to have fun while experimenting on capturing images or video footage. Currently, there happen to be many models from the DJI Phantom series you could settle for. All of which are highly noted for their unparalleled user-friendliness, and even beginners can greatly benefit from them in a stress-free manner. Let us now take a brief look at some of the most notable features and specifications of the Phantom drone series.

A wide variety of photography mode options to choose from

This series of UAVs presents numerous options when it comes to photo and video footage shooting. You will even be in a position of using an auto-bracketing feature, should you want to create HDR images. Additionally, you can shoot in RAW mode, which will furnish you with enhanced flexibility during your post processing tasks. The camera itself is a 3 axis auto stabilized affair that can facilitate for capturing remarkably smooth video footage.

DJI Go app or controller

You will get to pick from utilizing the DJI Go app from iTunes or Google Play; or the controller included in the Phantom series models’ packages. The app can be able to seamlessly relay your commands to the quadcopter right from your mobile device, once you install it. The DJI Go app also comes with an integrated flight simulator, which you can use for practice. On the other hand, the controller lets you accomplish virtually anything through it. For instance, you can use it to align the camera into a straight down position or, at all events, any angle you might wish.

What is the very latest DJI Phantom series model?

The very latest DJI Phantom model is the Phantom 4Pro, which is definitely a cut above the rest. To begin with, it has a 1” sensor that permits it to collect infinitely more light than most of its competition. This given sensor also makes the Phantom 4Pro well adapted to work in low light conditions. Also, this quadcopter comes with 4 areas of obstacle avoidance that facilitate for much more auto-flight modes. Finally, it has a built-in LCD screen, which is very bright and easy to use.

DJI Phantom series discount coupon

With the DJI Phantom coupons, you will be able to access amazing discounts on the various models in this drone series.