Building Luxury Houses For Your Personal Retreat

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When building luxury houses, it is pretty much a given fact that you will have to spend thousands or even millions of dollars to complete the project. Considering how significant of an investment it is, it is a must to ensure that you will be getting only the best value for your money at every given point of time.

This means that you aside from choosing a good builder and contractor, you also have to be sure that you will be hiring someone who can meet all of your specific requirements and needs. Having said this, there are several essential points you have to remember when you hire these professionals. Hopefully, these tips will go a long way to help you come up with the right decision and save yourself from wasting your money and instead, get the best possible value out of it.

Hire Someone Ethical

Make sure you only hire ethical builders in terms of their building track record. A contractor can be deemed ethical if they abide and adhere to local building regulations, codes, rules, and laws. They must also be honest regarding the overall cost of the project as well as the materials needed for the construction process. These attributes may sound simple but these can easily make or break the success of building luxury houses.

Flexibility to Make Changes as Needed

Prior to the start of the project, you and your chosen contractor must go through the entire construction process and ensure that nothing will be left to chance or omitted. In case there are reasons to make a few tweaks, these must be done properly, with the contractor willing to work with you, and only then should they take things forward. These tweaks can range from small ones such as settling for an office space instead of a large bedroom, and others. It is only one example, and again, it is your responsibility to check if the professional contractor is open to such changes.


Single Point of Contact

When choosing the right contractor, it is a must to make sure that there is only one point of contact. It is extremely essential as this can help speed up things and avoid issues later on. This can help ease out matters as well as avoid complications way before they turn into serious concerns. This single point of contact is always better since this can also help avoid wasting money and time particularly when building luxury houses. We know when it comes to your home you want the best, having the right approach and experienced workers are key, there are no other contractors that compare to Jazz Homes.


The last, but definitely not the least thing you have to check is the reputation and track record of the contractor. This is crucial since you will be hiring someone according to several basic details, and the reputation certification coming from previous customers will surely be very helpful in more ways than one.

Before you settle for any contractor specialising in building luxury houses, make sure you do your homework diligently and choose only after you checked everything. This way, you can make the most out of your cash and enjoy the perks of your new luxury home.

Best Areas To Stay In Malta For Holidays

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Malta’s main source of income is revenue from tourism. This is due to the welcoming weather, and many beautiful tourist attractions.

Being an island in the Mediterranean, tourists can enjoy many activities in Malta. Malta enjoys long stretches of beaches, ideal for scuba diving, ship and boat cruises and swimming.

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Below is a list if the ideal areas to stay during a Maltese holiday visit.

Sliema town

Sliema town is one of the best areas to stay in Malta for holidays due to its large number of social amenities. It is an up-market town and also doubles up as a residential town.

Due to the long seafront, Sliema attracts both locals and tourists. It’s most outstanding feature is hosting what is arguably Malta’s largest mall, The Point.

Mellieha Bay

Also known as Ghadira, Sliema is Malta’s largest and most popular sandy beach. It is located in the north of the main island, in the outskirts of the Mellieha village.

It is perfect for family swimming, with lots of activities available for family outdoor fun, such as kayaking, waterskiing, and windsurfing. Availability of reliable public transport makes it easy to reach, and has high levels of beach management, with lifeguards and a first aid clinic to complement the timely maintenance of the beach.

Comino Island

Comino is a tiny island of the Maltese archipelago and is located between Malta and Gozo in the Mediterranean. It measures approximately 3.5 square kilometers and has the least population in Malta republic.

The main attraction is the blue lagoon, which also has a picturesque white sandy beach and a rich marine life. The blue lagoon supports activities like diving, snorkeling, and swimming.

Comino also is rich in Maltese history, since it hosts the St Mary’s tower (1416) and the Comino Chapel which was built in 1618, and the Saint Mary battery and redoubt which was built in 1716.

St. Julian

If you wish to visit Malta in winter, St. Julian is one place to pay a visit. It is a town in the center of Malta and lays along the coast and north of the capital city. St. Julian has a specific area known as Paceville, where tourism-oriented businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and high-end nightclubs are situated.

St. Julian is home to the Old Parish Church, which was built in 1580, and the Spinola Palace, which was built in 1688, and is considered the stepping stone for the coastal reclamation of san Gijan. St. Julian is popular for sports, with Water polo being the most popular, and a delight for tourists to watch.

Gozo Island

The Gozo Island is the second largest after Malta in the Maltese archipelago. Gozo Island is a hub for history, and with its rural setting, it has breathtaking scenic hills forming the coastline.

It also hosts two places of interest, The Calypso Cave, and The Ggantija Neolithic temples, both of which are among the oldest surviving man-made structures.


There are many activities in Malta, whether you wish to visit Malta in winter or any other season.

Getting Ready for Your Summer Vacation

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We all love the idea of being the casual traveller breezing through the airport with one small bag that they carry effortlessly, while everyone else struggles with five suitcases, two laptop bags and a huge bag trolley. Here we will share our top tips for travelling light, and still having everything you need for a fantastic holiday.

  • Forget about taking your own towels –

The place that you’re going will usually supply towels, and this means you don’t have to carry heavy towels with you through multiple airports on your next trip. Towels are so heavy.

  • Count the number of days of your vacation –

So often when packing for a trip, people try to squeeze their whole wardrobe into a few suitcases, so that they will have choices when they arrive at their holiday destination. This generally will not lead to a more relaxing or harmonious holiday. It will just mean that when you get there that you will have more stuff, and will most likely be quite tired from carrying that stuff.

  • Less is more –

Why not travel super light just once. If you don’t like it, you can go back to hauling suitcases.

Don’t forget to check our Overseas Travel Review: Carry On Luggage & Accessories

Top Wellness Retreats For 2018

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Working for long hours every day in a cold climate like Cleveland can take its toll on your mind. You may feel tired, frustrated, and sometimes drained out if you do not take care of your problems on time. No matter how long you spend at the gym, your head will never get back on track. The best solution to this problem is a long break from your daily lifestyle with your near and dear ones. A long break away from work will certainly help you feel refreshed and recharged to tackle the daily work related problems with confidence. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Some of the Best Wellness Retreats For 2018

There are several places of interest where you can visit to take your minds off the daily emails and calls from your boss. If you are not too keen in taking along your family or you lead a lonely life, there are places where you can take your friends and have a wonderful holiday. Read on to get some ideas about some of the best wellness retreats for the upcoming year from Drench Health and Fitness.

  1. Six Senses Douro Valley, Lamego, Portugal: This is basically a 19th century manor house, which overlooks a flowing river and rolling hills. Located in Portugal, where soccer is considered to be a religion the players the gods, it is an ideal place for you to relax and get rid of stress in a more soothing manner. If you visit the place, do not miss the terrace and the wine library.
  2. Amanbagh, Rajasthan, India: Situated amidst the mighty Aravalli Hills in India, Amanbagh was basically a Mughal inspired location. The place reflects the local culture and the retreat is primarily aimed at preventive medicines inspired from the age old teachings of Ayurveda and the art of anti-aging. The meditation and yoga sessions are to be organized in a temple in an abandoned city. With every passing day, your physical endurance, your senses, and your memory will improve. The meals here are harvested from an organic garden which is around 86,000 square feet in area.
  3. Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa, Rancho Santa Fe, California: Here you will find themed retreats lasting for 3 or 5 or even 7 nights. The primary areas for the retreat are movement and fitness, attitude and perspective, nutrition and toxicity, sleep and respite, relationships and connection, as well as, stress and balance. This retreat was made in collaboration with the Lifewellness Institute and has been inspired by the study of how changes in your lifestyle can impact the expressions of your genes. When you visit the place do not miss the large sized open yoga pavilion, which also overlooks pools of calm water.

There are several similar retreats where you can visit to get a much welcome break from your body daily schedules. Even if you speak to a doctor, you will be told that a person should take a minimum of 2 breaks each year. This helps you stay fit both mentally and physically.

Top 5 Drone Vacation Destinations In The World

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Droning is a pastime activity that has fascinated quite a large number of people from all over the globe. Should you happen to fall under this category, below are some of the top 5 drone vacation destinations, you may like to look into for your next holiday.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is the biggest coral reef system on a global scale, and it is situated at a very close proximity to the shores of Australia. Until very recently, you would have required a helicopter to be able to capture excellent shots of the Great Barrier Reef in all its glory. However, with the advent of consumer UAVs, you can now do so at your convenience. With say a DJI Phantom, you will be able to take great high resolution 1080p images or even 4K video footage of this natural wonder.

2. Grand Canyon, USA

The Grand Canyon is a steep sided affair that is located in the Northern area of Arizona and is a top tourist destination in North America. Due to its massive dimensions, some of the places in it are totally inaccessible by foot or even vehicles. This is certainly a good reason for you to fly your drone to review these given areas of the Grand Canyon, and in the process get amazing shots, including those of the Colorado River.

3. Thousands Islands, Canada

This is an archipelago made up of nearly two thousand islands, and it can make for a breathtaking summer UAV flying vacation destination. The exceptional scenery to be found here along with the Saint Lawrence River, all make for one of the very best places in the world for droning. So, if you are keen on trying out your DJI Mavic Pro, for instance, with its 5 vision sensors together with 4K camera, the Thousands Islands can be the way to go.

4. Macchu Picchu, Peru

Macchu Picchu is an ancient town dating back to the 15th century, which is situated in the Southern part of Peru. It was recently declared to be one of the new 7 wonders of the world. This definitely means that taking a droning holiday trip here will allow you to obtain fantastic aerial images and footage. Most particularly of the flora and fauna surrounding this enchanting Peru town.

5. Palm Islands, Dubai

Dubai is universally regarded to be one of the most trendy holiday destinations in the world. One that offers a veritable feast for the eyes in terms of world class tourist attractions, even for droning enthusiasts like the Palm Islands. Essentially, these are 3 manmade islands, which were constructed adjacent to the coast of Dubai and can be one of the best places to fly a drone in the U.A.E. On one side, you will be strategically positioned to be able to take splendid shots of Dubai’s fascinating skyline. While on the other side, you will be able to capture excellent images or footage of these magnificent islands and their surroundings at your leisure. Finally, before, embarking on a droning holiday, it is important for you to determine if it is allowed in the place you wish to do it. There are areas where flying UAVs is prohibited and you should be clear on this issue before engaging in this activity.

Top 3 Turkey Hunting Retreats

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Heartland Lodge Turkey Hunting Resort

Top 3 Turkey Hunting Retreats & Mounting Plaques

Welcome to the world of adventure. Hunting in turkey hunting retreats has been one of the favorite sports of many since the ancient days. Several hunters would part in this activity during spring seasons. With the booming turkey population today, it is amazing that hunters don’t have to travel far in search of fowls.

Create your Memories at Heartland Lodge

Heartland Lodge is known for its long hunting tradition that was started by its founder Gary Harpole. Located in Pike County, Illinois, the lodge has different terrains like crop fields, steep and rolling hills as well as fields with hardwoods. These are most ideal places for hunting. Although the hunting conditions may vary from trivial to overwhelming, the hunting team is always willing to put up with your physical demands and hunting preferences.

This is one of the few turkey hunting retreats with free wandering birds on thousands of acres. In addition, the hunt is one on one with warm, knowledgeable and qualified guides. Making use of an experienced guide saves you years of faults and frustration. Unlike many turkey hunting retreats, Heartland Lodge offers youth turkey season that starts the first weekend of April.

Basically, this is before the spring season begins. Carry on the strong tradition that started many decades ago by making a point of booking a three night, three day hunts package today.

Turkey Hunting at Pilgrim Ranch Retreat

The reserve is a 2960 acres tract located in South Fork of Cottonwood River. Because of its unique quiet beauty and waters, most of the animals and plants abound here. The family owned and operated farm strives to provide rewarding hunting experience. Here is their three-day hunt and four-night lodging (three evening meals) package:

The turkey hunting retreat offers guided assistance as well as vehicles that help you get closer to the sites

  • The cottages have fully outfitted modern kitchens
  • Alcoholic drinks and smoke are restricted in the lodging accommodations
  • Hunters should carry with them an over the counter Resident or Non-resident Turkey permit.

All this goes for as low as $550; pay a deposit of $275 to make a guaranteed reservation.

Pile Hill Plantation

In this spring season, Pile Hill Plantation is offering the best wild turkey hunting in Georgia. The retreat has guides that take you to the best hunting positions and do the bird calling for you upon request. One guide is given to two hunters. Treat yourself to world-class lodging experience after a great day of fowl hunting on one of the South Georgia supreme private turkey hunting retreats.

Guests are advised to get all necessary licenses prior to arrivals. You should also carry with you camouflage clothing, turkey load shotgun shell and shotguns.

The 2-day hunting package ($1750 per person) comes alongside lodging, beverages, harvesting one gobbler, guide and meals.

Displaying Your Turkey

After your great hunting trip and successful bagging of your gobbler you will want to show it off! Most Turkey hunters like to display the beard and tail to boast of their catch. But not just any plaque will do of course. I’m guessing you will want a high quality wood, custom plaque that will match your decor at home. We recommend the turkey tail and beard mounting plaques from Stump Jumper Designs. Not only is he a fellow lover of tracking down the gobblers, but his work is amazing. You can’t go wrong!

Some Turkey Hunting Tips

  • Just like its name suggests, it is very overwhelming to hunt a turkey out in the wild. The fact that a turkey is very intelligent; has great survival skills and powerful eyesight should not be taken for granted. However, you can have your odds working in your favor by using few simple turkey hunting tips.
  • Look for the possible resting location of the turkey during nighttime. This helps you stick around early in the morning before the bird leaves.
  • You can also locate turkeys by determining their food source. Normally during the fall season turkeys eat grasses and insects since there are no berries. So a hunter can locate them with ease.
  • Another helpful tip is learning various types of calls like purrs, yelps and clucks. Turkeys are easily lured by hen calls.
    Be on the lookout for feathers and droppings especially near watering areas. Turkeys usually take water from these points during the day. The droppings of the male bird bear a resemblance to a question mark while those of the female counterpart look a lot like tiny curlicues.
  • Most of above tips can be modified during the rainy season. During such weather conditions, the fowls stay in open areas.


All you require for your turkey hunting experience is offered in all the Turkey hunting resorts listed above. You are going to be amazed by the great offers at reasonable prices. And to give you the best new additional benefits are always made. The turkey hunting retreats are glad to answer your queries and also help you set up the hunting experience. Therefore, it is advisable to make your reservations today.

Reason to Vacation in the Beaumont / Port Arthur Area

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St Anthony's Beaumont Texas

Beaumont or Port Arthur, Texas is one of the best destinations for a family vacation. The area offers both residents and visitors a perfect mix of big-city conveniences and small-town charm. With a thriving culture and arts scene, community-oriented learning institutions and so many outdoor recreation opportunities, you find there are always a lot of things to do in this part of the world. Generally, there are many reasons to consider having your vacation in Beaumont/Port Arthur, Texas. We asked our local friends at Beaumont and Silsbee Used Cars what their top 5 things to do in the area were.

1. Visit Gator Country

When you travel to Beaumont, TX, Gator Country is one of the best places you should visit. It’s actually a great alligator wildlife park that hosts over 400 alligators and Gary Saurage – owner and conservationist of the park. You will also get the opportunity to see Gator 911’s star of CMT. Every year, over 100 alligators are rescued from unusual and dangerous places, and then released into safer habitats (the park). At the park, you will also find a team that will educate you on various animals, such as crocodiles, gators, snakes or any other animal on-site. This will give the opportunity to touch various animals as well as learn how they were rescued/found, their names and ages. Additionally, kids can swim with young gators, especially during summer seasons.

2. Visit St. Anthony’s Cathedral Basilica

If you like history, St. Anthony’s cathedral basilica is another amazing place you must give a short visit. It’s the first Catholic Church in Beaumont that was built in 1903. This historical Catholic Church was recognized by Pope Benedict XVI by simply proclaiming it a great Minor Basilica. In the entire state of Texas, Beaumont is a place where you will find one of only 4 Minor Basilicas.

3. Enjoy the Show at the Betty Greenberg – Center for Performing Arts

For a great entertainment, there are Beaumont Community Players who have been entertaining audiences for over a century. There is a full calendar schedule for all performances at this place. This allows you to choose the kind of entertainment you’d like to have.

4. Visit Tyrell Park to Sniff the Roses

If you like sniffing the roses, then botanical gardens in the Tyrell Park is the right place for you. These gardens are open and free to the public, and features a number of different plant species. Most of these species are housed in the Warren Loose Conservatory. This particular botanical garden is 10,000sq ft and it’s also where you will find the Bert & Jack Binks Horticultural –Center. This center consists of an amazing collection of artwork.

5. Eat At Willy Burger

At Willy burger, you can have a burger and hand-dipped malted onion rings. It’s one of the popular restaurants that offer the best burgers in Beaumont, Texas. In fact, most people love the delicious diversity of its menu that includes specialties such as jalapeños, Creole mustard and the booty Burger, often topped with some fried boudain.

Concisely, if you want to eat a sandwich you can get it from Jason’s Deli for a picnic. Jason’s deli is one of the best casual delicatessen restaurant chains in this area. Lastly, there also several other places you can visit, such as Edison Museum, McFadin Ward house, Fire Museum and many other things to do as well.

Stress Relieving Tips For Mothers

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Tips For Stressed Out Moms

Feeling stressed is a part of life, especially if you are a mother. But it doesn’t have to take over your life! We asked Lori at A Day in Motherhood, who is experienced with raising daughters and parenting, to help us come up with tips for stressed out moms.

The following are stress relieving tips for mothers:

1. Physical Exercise – It is recommended that you get a partner to join you, for example, your spouse, a relative or a friend. This person will serve as your activity partner and someone who watches over you. You can have someone to count on when needed.

2. Dietary Supplements – Always seek advice from your doctor on recommended dietary supplements, particularly during pregnancy. You can find a lot of these supplements in the pharmacy and on the Internet, but remember that not all are safe. Take note on the precautionary label at the sides of the bottles. Get plenty of B-Complex, Vitamin C and folic acid.

3. Herbs – Some herbs are known to have stress-relieving properties. Choose something mild like tea with flavors like apple, chamomile, peppermint and orange, which are just nice and soothing.

Relaxing Spa Time4. Schedule You Time – Always make sure to schedule some time for just you. Whether it be going to get your nails done or a relaxing day at the spa or maybe a week long retreat once a year? Quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of life is important. I enjoy grabbing a book and a bottle of wine and sitting on the back patio by myself while the kids are away.

5. Remember Family Time –  What can you do to make your schedule less hectic so you can have more quality time for yourself and your family? Or if you can’t make more time for you and your family to spend together, make sure the time you are together is quality time. Put down those phones and iPads. Focus on the activity you are doing together.

6. De-clutter and Organize Your Home – When your environment is messy and disorganized, you tend to feel messy and disorganized internally too, causing you more stress.

Make a choice about the stuff you never use: sell it, throw it away, or give it to someone who’ll make use of it. Once you’ve done that, organize what’s left over and create a place for everything.

7. Communication – is key to relieving stress in your life. Seek out someone you can talk with openly and honestly about your troubles.

Getting things off your chest to a friend will help you sort out problems, see your situation with a new perspective, and possibly get some helpful advice. The clearer your mind is, the more stress you’ll be able to remove from your life.

You can also follow Lori at A Day In Motherhood on Facebook and Pinterest.

Interesting Colorado Destinations and Travel Coupons

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Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado

Have you thought about Colorado when planning for your next vacation? Because there are so many choices of activities and accommodations a Colorado vacation is a popular choice for many. Colorado hotels can offer you first class lodgings which range from the ultimate in luxury to the more budget conscious establishments. If you are seeking a winter break than Colorado offers the opportunity of a superb ski vacation. It boasts the renowned Rocky Mountains and what could be better for a skiing trip? Once, this was the exclusive territory of the wealthy and well-known celebrities. However, today it is visited and enjoyed by everyone. The wonderful scenery, splendid hotels and resorts are there to be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone who feels like experiencing the unique settings.

There is nothing like the absolute luxury of a first class hotel to make your vacation special. You can enjoy being pampered and having your every need provided for. On the other hand, if you are not in the market for a luxury hotel there are plenty of fine and reasonably priced hotels to choose from. You can even find a lot of travel coupons and deals to help you save money on your retreat. Not everyone chooses a winter vacation in Colorado. There are marvelous attractions in summer and endless activities to take part in. Exploring the mountains, hiking, observing nature and wildlife are just some. Fishing, rafting and river activities can entertain families, couples or the individual traveler.

For those who are really tired of their monotonous life and wish for some amazing adventure, Colorado has all in store for you. This is one of the most exciting places for travelers which offers much more than anyone can think of. The place is enriched with natural beauty and dazzling scenic beauty which could easily dilate anyone’s eye. Yes, you’ll be thrilled to witness the splendid National Parks, alluring Zapata Fall and beautiful Sand Dunes of this enthralling location. Why not give yourself a relief from your daily boring life. Travel to Colorado and indulge in the sheer beauty and rich sensuous places of attraction. You’ll certainly love every bit of it.

Couple of Interesting Destinations in Colorado

Colorado Gators Reptiel Park:

The Colorado Gators Reptile is certainly one of unique attractions of Alamosa. With the help of the geothermal valley water, the owners commenced their farm. Rather than throwing away the dead fishes, they bought baby alligators to manage the fish remains in a natural manner. The alligators flourished in a good atmosphere and soon the place became one of the top most tourist attractions of Alamosa. The Gator Farm is accessible to the public and people from all over the world come to witness these giant beasts.

Now the farm is being developed on a bigger scale and also houses exotic animals too. There are a number of abused and illegal reptiles from across the world, offering refuge not just to alligators but snakes, turtles, tortoises and iguanas. The place is perfect for families, kids and couples. Enjoy the scenic natural beauty of the farm enriched with plush greenery amidst birds of different species. Yes, if your mood is to go a little adventurous, then Gator Farm Colorado is your one-stop solution.

Sand Dunes National Park:

And, for those who are looking for yet another dynamic beauty of Colorado, the Great Alamosa Sand Dunes National Park could be your answer. Open 24 x 7, the sand dunes make a perfect gateway vacation. You have a number of events from the month of May to September which includes Junior Ranger Day and Summer Concert Series.

The tallest sand dunes of America spread across miles and miles for the visitors. Covered with shallow, beautiful oasis to splash into, these sand dunes are the real beauty of Colorado.

In Conclusion

So, whether it is the Gator Farm or the exotically rich Sand dunes, you will love every inch of Colorado. Make your trip the most mesmerizing one by booking an accommodation online. With 300 alligators around you, small pesty bugs flying by you, and gigantic sand dunes cuddling you for miles, you’re bound to feel the thrill and excitement. Take a leap in this amazing adventure and make your trip worth remembering. It is for everyone, families, single travelers and groups. You simply will fall in love with nature again. Come to Colorado, come in the arms of nature.It is wise to plan your vacation well ahead of time. You may then be able to take advantage of some off-season prices and deals. There are plenty of companies that can make your arrangements for your vacation and help you plan everything that you will need. Look out for special packages that offer a great low cost vacation.

Recommended: 5 Hotel And Travel Affiliate Programs For Marketers

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5 Recommended Travel Affiliate ProgramsThe Golden Age of travel blogging is upon us!

Ok, this isn’t exactly true, we’re being purposely pompous here. But still, as people are becoming more and more Internet-literate, they tend to make their holyday decisions based on travel blogs, and that’s where the proper affiliate program plays a crucial role.

The only downside to travel affiliating is that it’s perhaps a bit too competitive. Gaining an edge isn’t all that easy, but hooking up with some of the following hotel & travel affiliate programs may do the trick.

  1. Marriot – Here’s one smart affiliate solution. Signing up with Marriott means that you’ll be promoting a trusted name that boast of having nearly 4000 hotels in 72 different countries. You can earn money by securing the consumed hotel bookings and/or the purchased travel packages. Hotel stays will get you 4% – 6%, while the packages are worth 3% commission.
  2. – If you want something wider in range, we suggest you to go for Every booking counts, and with over 300,000 of them, there’s really no shortage of hotels in their search engine. Commission is 5.5% per consumed book, and the things like Best Price Guarantee and loyalty program (getting a free night after 10 nights booked) are sure to attract the needed attention from the customers.
  3. Hilton – Another hotel chain that hardly needs any introduction. Nearly a century in existence, Hilton made a name for itself, and now you can turn their reputation to your advantage. Literally thousands of properties and hotel rooms across 12 brands are eligible to minimum of 4% commission.
  4. Travelocity – So far we’ve listed affiliate programs that are limited to hotel bookings and vacation packages. Travelocity on the other hand is an all-encompassing travel agency that besides hotels, offers product like airline services, car rentals, and cruises. Some of the commissions are fixed, each airline ticket netting $3 for instance.
  5. Hertz – If you settled on the vehicle rental niche, you really can’t go wrong with Hertz. With the network spreading across 150 countries, Hertz ranks among the largest car rental companies in the world. The potential to share in some of their profit is huge, and each completed sale is commissioned at 3%.

We would like to give special thanks to Anne Fogano for providing this incredible insight and recommendations for our visitors. Anne owns and operates – An Outsourced Program Manager, her company manages programs like the ones listed above.