The Mavic Pro is the smallest camera-mounted drone from the Chinese firm DJI. This company has made a name for itself with its inexpensive Phantom series of consumer drones, which offer a horde of advantages. This includes fair flight duration, long range control, live feed as well as stable 4K video shooting. The Mavic Pro has been designed to offer all these benefits, albeit wrapped in a very portable package.

Mavic Pro design

This quadcopter’s overall dimensions when folded are 83mmX83mmX198mm, which brings it to a whole new level in terms of portability. Still, this design doesn’t in any way compromise its overall stability once in the air or the quality of aerial images and videos you can take. The Mavic Pro is also solidly built, with most of its components been crafted from a tough plastic material.

Mavic Pro camera

The Mavic Pro has been fitted with a very diminutive, but powerful camera. This camera integrates a 2/3” sensor that can easily capture 12MP in either the JPEG or DNG RAW formats. Not to mention a number of resolutions along with frame rates, including 4K at 30 fps and 1080p at a maximum of 96 fps. This given camera has been mounted on a diminutive 3 axis motorized gimbal, which facilitates for lightning quick adjustments to keep the quadcopter stable always. Additionally, there are 4 extra cameras that have been specifically designed to significantly help in maintaining the stability and safety of this DJI drone.

Mavic Pro controller

The whole package of this product includes a handy remote controller, which can be unfolded to accommodate an iOS or Android mobile device in its cradle. Once set up, this controller connects with the Mavic Pro through Wi-Fi or RC automatically. This goes a long way in allowing you to see the live feed and assist you customize the UAV’s settings through the DJI Go app straight from your mobile device’s display.

Mavic Pro performance

This DJI drone flies effortlessly, responsively and exceptionally fast. Indeed, when it is configured to the sports mode, it can register top speed of up to 40mph! It also ascends and descends in a rapid manner, allowing you to get it in position for taking aerial shots without depleting much of its battery life. On the other hand, the images and video footage taken are of an unparalleled quality. With the 4K videos in particular been very sharp and clean, while the 1080p shots been splendid, taking into consideration the size of the camera.

Mavic Pro Discounts

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