How to Score Coupons for Resort Retreats

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Coupons have always been a unique way for people to save some money. When going on vacation, many people look for coupons that can take some dollars off hotel bookings, airfare, and even attractions.

You can locate some great coupons from online websites or contact a particular hotel directly. Companies see this as a unique way of building their identity online. Some examples include,, and the list goes on.

Here are some tips on how you can get the lowest rate possible:

1. Book from hotel sites directly
Very often hotel websites offer coupons and discounts directly on their website. This is a common practice especially during the low-peak season when resorts find it hard filling their rooms. Hotels in the Caribbean, for example, advertise as much as 50% off stays over a period. One case in point is Sandals which almost always advertise a discount. You can find similar listings that do this too by looking at different adults-only inclusive hotels.

2. Check travel based websites
There’s a ton of travel sites on the web many of which get great deals from resorts themselves. They then offer these rates to consumers who quickly grab them up. Be cautious though; some sites hike the price up too much making it a tad bit difficult for customers to “get the best price.” One example you may find useful is Brad’s Deal.

3. Go during Low-Peak Season
You may have picked up on this tip from reading the above. Low-peak seasons are the best time to get savings because resorts have a hard time filling up accommodation. Take advantage of this, and you can score big on the discounts!

4. Book Through a Trusted Agency
Various kinds of agencies give different levels and types of services. You just need to call the office and tell the hotel you’d like to go to. Some companies/new travel agencies are set up to score some great deals. The majority of the travel agencies will supply you with the total collection of the activities and places, and this might supply you with an overall idea about what’s best for you.

5. Ask for Advice
If all else fails, you can ask friends, co-workers or other people that you trust for advice. There’s a ton of online websites, forums and facebook groups that provide valuable insight into which hotels/resorts is best for you. Some even occasionally publish valid coupons which can be used to score some deals. If you’re a traveler, check this list of useful Facebook Groups for Travelers.

Just remember to ask!

Locating an excellent hotel is a most important endeavor for couples and singles alike especially when planning for a honeymoon. Use the tips above to help you in making the best decision.