• EarthRise at IONS
  • Synergia Ranch
  • Pali Mountain Retreat
  • Mission Renewal Center at Old Santa Barbara Mission

Featured Retreats & Programs

  • Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center

    Peace Village Learning & Retreat Center

    Be renewed by the tranquility and natural beauty

    The tranquility and natural beauty of Peace Village make it an ideal place to sow the seeds that will grow into a new you and a new life.

    Peace Village is a spiritual community of practicing yogis. They maintain the physical campus and -- most importantly -- build the atmosphere of safety, serenity, and simplicity.  The aim is to provide a place of refuge, renewal and spiritual education.

Featured Retreat Center

  • The Abode Mountain Conference Center

    The Abode Mountain Conference Center

    A beautiful mountainside retreat in NY's Catskills

    The Abode Mountain Retreat Center occupies the highest elevation of our 300 pristine acres, a sacred site of the Shaker community and to Native Americans before them. The mountain retreat space is designed to enable gatherings in an intimate proximity with nature. Open to groups  of 35 to 175 May through September.

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